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Modway Collection

Modway Collection

Modern, high fashion furniture with elegant finish. 

  • Gabrielle Gold Bird Single Tier Cake Stand

    Inspired by Nature, constructed with natural material and last but not least photographed in Nature. This work of art is elegant and versatile. It's a treasured piece that can be in your family for generations to come.

  • Home Aesthetics

    We all have our favorite room or space that transcends us to the land of tranquility. I like to sip a cup of freshly brewed ginger root tea in my family room with dimmed lights. If a few string lights add to your ambiance of comfort - go for it. Your design style and aesthetics are unique to you, if it brings you joy, hey why not!

  • Gabrielle Gold Bird Three Tier Cake Stand

    I believe art transitions our mind, be it Vincent Van Gogh's Starry Night, a captivating book, or a unique sculpture. This Gold Bird Three Tier Stand is truly a work of art. One can visually see the artist's hand movement through the detailed intricacies of the stem and the astonishing sculpture of the birds. Interestingly marble was used in Michelangelo, Canva, and Donatello’s famous sculptures. This stand has three natural cut marble tops. When a piece of art is cherished, it survives families for generations.

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