We are an elegant high-fashion home décor and aesthetics boutique that  provide luxurious, curated pieces for your home.  We believe your home reflects your style and depicts what makes you happy.  When you open your doors to family and friends, they should leave with a taste of a remarkable experience from your home.  Upon entrance to your eye-catching interior design to your beautifully carved cutlery and serve ware.

Some of our products are made with intricate care and precision that boasts artistic handmade craftsmanship.  Pink Brawn's Owner and Founder has a passionate love for art. She believes art is diverse and that it encapsulates how the beholder views and perceives that piece.  We offer an array of products that tie in nature, elegance, and design.  

We hope we can meet your design needs, and if there are items you are in need of that aren't listed on our site, please do not hesitate to contact us. Let's design together!